Restlessness that drags you down

Restlessness that doesn’t let you sleep,

cooing continuously through the pitched dark heart.

Restlessness slowly consuming your soul away.

A restlessness that doesn’t lets you speak,

choking your breathless mind.

Restlessness like an invisible nail,

hammered again and again in between your chest.

A restlessness that weighs,

like a thousand tonnes on your worn out back.

A restlessness that screams

through you in the moments of utter silence.

A restlessness that makes you want to runaway

even from your self.

A restlessness, slowly pushing life out of you

as you helplessly watch it slipping by.

A restlessness that escapes all metaphors

and you just fail again and again to express it.

There was a time,

When things were simple.

There was a time,

When life wasn’t as sinful.

There was a time,

When we used sit together

and were too careless to cry!!

Now that, times have changed direction,

Drifting away from myself,

I don’t know where we are drifting??

I know not, who am I or who I should be??

I know not, where I came from??

And don’t know where am I going??

Hoping some day, times will turn back

And we will again be sitting together…

Maybe laughing at the things we used to cry over,

Or may be days will slip by and turn into years;

And we will remember those moments in silent tears!

The distinction between the public realm and the private realm in the traditional sense is taken to be the division between the state and society. In common parlance, the state refers to a cluster of institutions, based on the apparatus of government which is the executive, parliament that is the…

That’s how it starts, you for the first time come face to face with the realization of existence of your own demons. You have looked inside before that too but it was passive, you are witness to all that was happening. How you were experiencing the world both within and…

By Arshia Malik & Ieshan Vinay Misri

At the very start, we would want to make it clear that this rejoinder though critical of the way some essential issues that have been discussed in the opinion piece is not to be considered as a mere rebuttal but as an augmentation…

Time in its chronological sense doesn’t mean much in this context, the moment/day or whatever one may ascribe it as when one comes to realize the ‘paradox of knowledge’ and trust me understanding something is nowhere the same as realizing something. Understanding something is most of the time a second-hand…

Eyes frozen, slighted in despondence

Mind-the oddity, silently slipping away in its own turbulence

Heart- the knotty daft, guffawing in hysteria.

What’s wrong with me?

how would I say?

In what way I could be!!

In what words do you expect me to state!!

you see and you hear,

You remember you were there

don’t speak, don’t even dare

you look and you stare,

at least you try to spare,

but don’t hope, lest you start to care…

All I dream of: kashmir,

red chinar of autumn,

yellow mustard of springs,

warm peace,

no bitterness,

a pinch-sweet happiness

All I dream of: kashmir;

white snow;

hot kangri;

dark Kehva;

bright safron.

My soul wants to go ‘home’,

‘it is’, of which, every beat longs.

In the moments,


So it starts with hours,
You think its 8 am
But its actually 10:30
Day goes by
working, bickering, whiling

You think its 10 pm
But its actually 1:30 am
And you find yourself in awe of disbelief,
Where did this tricky bugger go!

Hours turn into days
You think its…

The article starts with the narration of a personal anecdote of how even in the height of turmoil the elderly mother of the writer didn’t budge and in doing that she teaches us some profound lesson of courage and persistent love for one’s home. This in a way, downplays the…

Ieshan Vinay Misri

Public Policy, IR, AI, Philosophy, Constitution, Environment policy, Ir4, Sustainable development, and of course Kashmir

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